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Week by Week

by Jake Limon

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Ludetacular 00:54
Mezz 02:29
You call me now, and you expect me to listen. You drive right here even though I'm blue. You watch it fall and you watch me go on. You never lose, because you don't give a shit.
Things are looking up on my end of the world. I can't let them slip away, 'cause I'm holding them in place and you will let me. For the first time I feel free. I'm free. I drifted so far from who I was before. Not wanting to escape those things that I cannot face, and you say I'm not so far from grace. Hearing me say that I'm just happy. I'm happy.
Praeludere 02:03
Devolution 03:02
It's been so long since I first sang this tune about what I lost. What I lost when I distanced myself from this great way. And you can't tell me how to live. And we move on We move on We move on Pushing out the door Leaving it All behind us And it's been so hard tell you how I've been All through this time that I found a new way around Now this can't go wrong I tell you I can't make the world go around you around me. We move on We move on We move on Leaving out the door Leaving it All behind us
Ex 02:19
You can never let them go. You keep them wrapped around your wrist like that. So you can reel them in to your own fake life. Your own fake ball of lies like that. So you can never learn just how to get away, how to stay away from everyone. And was it so hard to keep away from me? You sneaky crazy bitch you know you won't ever touch me again, 'cause if you do you're going straight to jail you stalker. I...I told you once before: "It's never going to work again like that." 'Cause you never learn just how to keep away. Just how to keep your head out of your ass. It was so hard to keep away from me you sneaky crazy bitch. You know you're going straight to the pen 'cause you know you're just another freaky fucker.
Poppy Tears 03:20
I walk along this salty sea never to stop never to breathe and you watch me so subtly Time it slows time it flows never to stop never to know And it creeps up on me Violently 'Cause you need A better seed of doubt on me 'Cause yours won't bleed And many times I just wade away And many times I let it fade (subtly) 'Cause you can't leave it alone 'And you can't let it go (violently) 'Cause you need A better seed of doubt on me 'Cause yours won't bleed 'Cause you need A better seed of doubt on me 'Cause yours won't bleed
We never learn we just keep on making all the same mistakes. 'Cause we know that we need them to keep on playing all the same shitty old crappy old video games because we know that they're not real. Oh, I know Progress when I see it Oh, I know Lies when I hear them Oh, I know Where we're going and where we've been Oh, we know Nothing good A dead man said: "Give it to me straight, tell me the truth so I can be irate on my own...on my own. Let me lie here and tell me how I'll die, let me be stoned so I can mellow out on my own." Oh, I know It's not right, it's not fair Oh, we know Nothing's real
Okay 03:39
Drown 04:16
With the roof above your head. Your eyes so full of dread. With that drink in your hand. I really wish you'd let it stand. You start crying here. It's something I don't want to hear. I really wish you'd put it down. I swear you're gonna drown. Drown... You left it all behind. That's your own fault not mine. You want me to win, But you can't let it in. The guilt and loss that kept you free. Now you sleep miserably, And you go sit in shame. Don't you know we're all the same? The same... You know where this is going. You know where I am leading to... You can't go away. And leave us now. You know we're all the same. You know we're all the same. You know we're all the same.
I found a place today nowhere near where you are. It’s all hidden by itself, and I won’t tell you where it is. No, I won’t feel the same about all I have seen because it’s all that you know, and it’s all that we care about.
Boutade 05:09
It’s getting hard to keep a straight face, but I try just to satisfy you. You say that I can’t live this way forever, and I know that I will break down soon. / You say I don’t look well. The truth is no one really does anymore. We can’t keep living these lies. Since we’re not really all that fine ( or home all the time). Oh, no. / I wake up all alone sweating everywhere, yet everything’s dry. I can’t breathe under these sheets. Someone please tell me it’s a dream. / Let me out of my hole. Let me free from this hell. I can’t kick myself out. (scream) I can’t let it go.
In Limerence 04:12
Listen to me ‘cause you’ll see who I really am. It’s not lies or resentment. It’s just what I need you to hear. / ‘Cause it’s you, it’s you I know; and it’s you I need to be with. Why don’t we trade places today? And you’ll see exactly what I mean. / Answer when I say your name. When I do you just turn to sigh. What you say right to me is that you’re stuck in that state of Limerence. / ‘Cause it’s me, it’s me you know; and it’s me you always think about. Why don’t we trade places today? So I’ll see exactly what you mean.
Consort 05:21
You sit beside me on the sidelines fault to watch me stumble to where I will fall. You sing to me but I can’t hear those greatest parts of you within your tears. / I lay back and look above at the sky and what it’s of. I swim down and you watch me fall. You touch and reach anoil. / Let me sleep, let me go. I need rest and you need hope. Let me float and dream well, so you can leave your shell. / I keep on sinking down beneath your great crown. Then you come and watch me. I know it’s what you dream. / So I sing to cancer’s watch, and feel a great big loss. (indiscernible). You won’t touch a thing.
Voodoo Doll 03:00
Stare at the wall. Don't say a word. I won't let you out. Because you're just too good! Don't hold your breath to wait for me to come and pull you out of sleep. Sleep... You can't run or hide from me. You just don't want to stay and be. Don't hold your breath and let me see just how far you can be. Don't fear me. I swear this won't hurt.
Breathe in deep, wake up dead. You know you're going down. So you see no more ways out of this because you're dead. Ooooh...ahhhh. You don't know what's coming. You won't see it hit you. You find that it's all fake. You can't make it all go away. 'Cause you hear me coming. You won't see a damn thing. 'Cause it's all black when you're dead. You won't know what hit you.
This 03:03
I walk in the dark towards you. Never letting all that's true. And we never learn. We just stay all inside. Safe from fate. Let me go slowly. Cut me out. Let me go slowly. Cut me... When I find you I'll talk in tongues. Patched on the edge, never fray. So I know where we are, and we never let ourselves out. Break me down slowly. Cut me out. Break me down slowly. Cut me up. Let me go slowly. Cut me...
Slow 01:13
I'm on the top of my run. I'll find a way. So we will leave, and I'll take it slow.


The original songs in the 2010 Week by Week series.


released December 1, 2010




Jake Limon San Antonio, Texas

Multi-instrumentalist based out of San Antonio, Texas.

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