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Song 11 in the Week by Week series. Released on July 14, 2010.


You can never let them go. You keep them wrapped around your wrist like that. So you can reel them in to your own fake life. Your own fake ball of lies like that. So you can never learn just how to get away, how to stay away from everyone.

And was it so hard to keep away from me? You sneaky crazy bitch you know you won't ever touch me again, 'cause if you do you're going straight to jail you stalker.

I...I told you once before: "It's never going to work again like that." 'Cause you never learn just how to keep away. Just how to keep your head out of your ass.

It was so hard to keep away from me you sneaky crazy bitch. You know you're going straight to the pen 'cause you know you're just another freaky fucker.


from Week by Week, track released July 14, 2010




Jake Limon San Antonio, Texas

Multi-instrumentalist based out of San Antonio, Texas.

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