from Week by Week by Jake Limon



Song 17 in the Week by Week Series. Released on August 18, 2010.


It’s getting hard to keep a straight face, but I try just to satisfy you. You say that I can’t live this way forever, and I know that I will break down soon. / You say I don’t look well. The truth is no one really does anymore. We can’t keep living these lies. Since we’re not really all that fine ( or home all the time). Oh, no. / I wake up all alone sweating everywhere, yet everything’s dry. I can’t breathe under these sheets. Someone please tell me it’s a dream. / Let me out of my hole. Let me free from this hell. I can’t kick myself out. (scream) I can’t let it go.


from Week by Week, track released August 18, 2010




Jake Limon San Antonio, Texas

Multi-instrumentalist based out of San Antonio, Texas.

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